It may still be warm outside, but the days are getting shorter and that means your early morning or evening workout may now be in the dark. See and be seen with these tips and gear recommendations for safely working out during the dawn, dusk or at night!

Tips to Remember:

  • It can be just as difficult for others to see you during dusk and dawn as when it’s completely dark. Keep these tips in mind in the hours before and after sunrise and sunset as well as at night.
  • Just after sunrise and right before sunset, the sun is at a lower angle which can be blinding for drivers. If a driver is facing into the sun, they may not be able to see you at all. Be especially cautious around cars during these times of day.
  • Make yourself more visible by wearing reflective gear or a light source on your body
  • Wear bright colors like orange, yellow, or white. Avoid wearing black or grey.
  • Reduce tripping hazards by bringing a small flashlight or wearing a headlamp to help you see where you’re going
  • Run or ride on a path that is well-lit (think: tennis courts, lighted tracks, well-lit streets)
  • Workout with a buddy or organized group
  • Choose routes with less traffic, dedicated sidewalks and bike lanes
  • Make sure your bike has a front and back light so you can see the road and more importantly, cars can see you
  • Always bring identification with you (we recommend Road ID!) and your cell phone just in case

Gear Recommendations:

  1. Firefly Supernova lights - blinking lights clip on your body to help you be seen. The Firefly Supernova lights by Road ID are light, bright, and durable $13
  2. Nathan Reflective Running Sleevesgreat for a chilly morning. Reflective strips down each arm catch the light with every stride $17
  3. Petzl Headlamp – light your path and be seen. Bright light, easy to use, comfortable $40
  4. Firefly Belt – add this bright and reflective belt to your existing fitness wardrobe $13
  5. Firefly High Viz StickPack - highly reflective stickers can be attached to any apparel or gear like your bike, helmet, hat, shirt, backback, etc. $5
  6. Til IM Tank by Asics – bright color and reflective detail helps you been seen during runs and rides $45
  7. Cateye Bike Light Set – includes a front white light and a rear red light, so you can see where you’re going and be seen by motorists. Essential for anyone who rides in the dark! $25

    How do you stay safe on dark runs and rides? Share your tips and favorite gear here!


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