All of you experienced triathletes may laugh at this understatement… the sport of triathlon can get expensive. Training for a tri can add up quickly, but you can get to the start line without breaking the bank. We consulted the triathlon gear + service specialists at Jack & Adam’s Bicycles for their expert advice about the best gear for beginners. They know their stuff! Get to know them here.

First, a few things to consider.

1. Be honest about your level of commitment. Is triathlon something you see yourself doing for many years to come? Or is a triathlon race just something you’re crossing of your bucket list? Your level of commitment to the sport might be a good indicator as to how much you should invest in equipment and gear.

2. Work with what you have. No need to buy a new bike just because you’re riding it in a triathlon. For your first race, you can adapt your mountain bike to be more road-friendly by having the nubby tires replaced with slicks. Or ask a friend to borrow their road or tri bike and helmet.

3. Buy what you need now, reward yourself with upgrades later. Want a fancy tri bike or aero helmet? Set milestones and reward yourself with new gear when you reach those goals. In your first few seasons, you’ll quickly learn which brands and types of gear you like and dislike. Feel things out until you are really know what YOU need to perform well, be comfortable, and have a successful season. There are endless ways to spend money on gear, but just keep in mind… As awesome as it would be to race your first sprint distance triathlon in the TYR Hurricane  Freak of Nature Wetsuit, it’s just not necessary.

4. Spend where it counts. Spending money on making sure your bike fits properly, bike maintenance and repairs, the correct running shoes for you — these purchases make a HUGE difference in your tri life.  Costly upgrades (any thing with the word “aero” or “carbon fiber” as a descriptor) won’t help you much until you reach higher levels of racing and personal performance.  The pros at Jack and Adam’s or your local tri shop are happy to give you honest advice to help you figure it all out.

The Necessities

  1. Swim suit
  2. Swim cap
  3. Goggles
  4. Wetsuit (optional, depends on water temperature)
  5. Bike
  6. Helmet
  7. Tri top
  8. Tri (cycling) shorts
  9. Cycling shoes (optional, but HIGHLY recommended for longer distances)
  10. Clipless Pedals (again optional, but HIGHLY recommended for longer distances)
  11. Race belt
  12. Running shoes (Easy Laces optional)
  13. Flat repair kit
  14. Water bottle(s)

Buying the gear is the easy part.

The pros at Jack and Adam’s make it especially easy. Walk into Jack and Adam’s Bicycles on Barton Springs Road, and walk out with literally everything you need to do your first triathlon. The complete Rookie Package starts at $1,080 (upgrades available) and includes free bike fit, 100 mile check up, and 2 free tune-ups. Plus, their knowledgeable staff can give you all sorts of advice and recommendations – they even offer 4 free workouts every week!

Now that you’re geared up, it’s time to start training! Be sure to visit MyFitList and stay tuned throughout Triathlon Month for information about different training groups,  training tips, and gear favorites from triathlon experts in Austin.


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