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Sarah Stewart Training

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Gender Specific Classes
Male Only Female Only Co-ed
Class Sizes
1 on 1 Small: 2-10 people Medium: 11-20 people Large: 21 or more people
Energy Levels
Calm, serene Energetic, lively but not too crazy Hardcore, time to get your sweat on!
Trainer Energy Levels
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Weight Loss Tone Up Training for an event
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Free Up to $10 per class $11-20 $21-34 $35+ per class
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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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Early morning: 5am-8am Mid-morning: 8am-11am Lunch: 11am-1pm
Afternoon: 1pm-5pm Evening: 5pm-8pm


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Sarah Stewart Training

Sarah Stewart has trained in Austin, Texas for eight years and in the industry for ten years. Her focused, precise, and genuine approach is unprecedented in the Fitness Industry. She has won "Best Trainer in Texas" by City Sports Magazine three out of five years and was honored with winner of Phil Kaplan and Juan Carlos Santana's Fitness Apprentice in 2005! Not only will she give you a session that is full of knowledge, it will be customized for your needs. Whether you are interested in training to be fit for life, work, play, or performance, Sarah will give you the skills and tools you need to acquire the goals you desire to meet!

Programs For Any Walk Of Life:

  • Individual or group training programs tailored to precision for optimal fitness and health
  • Nutrition coaching and tailoring
  • Online training programs for travel or for clients outside the Austin area
  • Comprehensive Fitness camps designed to provide you with all tools necessary for a multi-faceted fitness level

Programs Include:

  • Health screening
  • Body Fat composition testing
  • Movement pattern analysis
  • Strength, endurance, and performance testing (if applicable)
  • Systematic Programming: precision, progression, specificity, individualization