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Trailhead Running

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Gender Specific Classes
Male Only Female Only Co-ed
Class Sizes
1 on 1 Small: 2-10 people Medium: 11-20 people Large: 21 or more people
Energy Levels
Calm, serene Energetic, lively but not too crazy Hardcore, time to get your sweat on!
Trainer Energy Levels
Positive/Softer-side Hardcore/Drill-Sargeant Motivating/Encouraging
Fitness Levels
Beginner / Recreational Intermediate Advanced / Elite
Weight Loss Tone Up Training for an event
Improve overall fitness Meet people Have fun
Membership Commitments
Pay per class Monthly membership, unlimited classes
Monthly membership, scheduled classes Punch card
Price Ranges
Free Up to $10 per class $11-20 $21-34 $35+ per class
Days Of The Week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time Of Day
Early morning: 5am-8am Mid-morning: 8am-11am Lunch: 11am-1pm
Afternoon: 1pm-5pm Evening: 5pm-8pm


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Trailhead Running

Trailhead Running

Created by trail runners to support those aspiring to be new or better trail runners! Trailhead Running provides comprehensive trail running programs in a safe group format with a focus on exploration, learning, and fun.

Trailhead Running offers “Women on the Trails”—Austin’s comprehensive women-specific trail running program designed to get women on the trails in a safe, fun, group setting. Designed by experienced, certified, female coaches, there are two programs: Women on the Trails-Introduction focuses on basic trail running skills, navigation on the main trails of Austin greenbelt, and trail gear. Women on the Trails-Intermediate focuses on more advanced trail running skills, techniques, and navigation on lesser known trails.

Each eight-week program includes weekly coached runs, informative Trail Talk sessions, product demos, and an optional night trail run. Each run starts from a different trailhead entrance on Austin’s greenbelt so that runners complete the programs with exposure to a variety of trails in a group, “no-drop” setting. Safety, learning, and fun are the main goals and the program’s tagline supports this mission: “You’re not lost. You’re with us!”

In addition to the current Women on the Trails programs, Trailhead Running will offer two co-ed programs including an ongoing weekly trail run and a four week “Directionally Challenged” program focusing on trail navigation.

You’re not lost, you’re with us!